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The Folk Group, as it is known amongst it's members, was formed in 1962, to encourage all aspects of Traditional and Folk Culture within the social life of the Camping and Caravanning Club. This includes folk music, dance, song, and traditional and contemporary crafts. We provide the perfect partnership between 'folk' activities and camping. We are affiliated members of the English Folk Dance and Song Society.

The Folk Group is divided into eight Areas covering England and Wales. Each Area of the Folk Group organises weekend camping Meets in their area during Spring, Summer and Autumn, plus Winter social activies.


We provide a network of camping meets for all like-minded Camping and Caravanning Club members who have an interest in the traditional dance, music, and songs of the British Isles. Each of our eight Areas organizes weekend camping Meets within their own area. Often these are held on a farmer's field, school playing field, or the rally field of a '5-van site'. These are usually 'low facility' sites, (i.e. drinking water and chemical toilet disposal point), and hence, own sanitation is essential.

These weekends usually include the hire of a local hall for an evening folk dance. Because 'everyone pays, and no-one gets paid' our weekend camping fees and evening dance fees are very low.

Folk group members receive a bi-monthly Newsletter. In addition to 'News and Views' this gives a detailed list of the camping Meets of each Section.