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FOLK DANCE: Very easy 'beginners' dances, English, Scottish, Playford, and sometimes international or American Square. All dances have a caller. Dances are 'walked through' and special allowance is made for learners. Our callers, (all of whom are fellow campers) range from 'semi'professional' to members able to call just a few dances. Many Areas have live music for dances.

MUSIC: Musicians have opportunities to play in a band - formally for an evening dance, or informally on the camping field, or to entertain with an instrumental. Help is available if you are learning an instrument, and all level of musical skill is encouraged.

SONG: Many Areas organise regular sing-a-round sessions. Chorus songs with audience participation are particularly popular. All ages and all levels are catered for and the audience are as appreciative of an experienced entertainer as of a 3-year old rendering 'twinkle, twinkle, little star'!

CRAFTS: We have many members who have a talent for a huge variety of crafts - both ancient and modern - ranging from bobbin lace to aromatherapy, and they are always happy to share their interests, and pass on their skills.

CEILDHS: These are popular in the Folk Group, and often the Saturday evening dance includes an opportunity for members with particular talents to entertain with a song or poetry 'spot' between dances.

MEETS: Musicians, folk dancers and folk singers are always most welcome at our Meets, but if you don't sing, play an instrument or dance, you will still be given a warm welcome. There are opportunities to learn to play an instrument or sing, and tuition is given to learn folk dancing. Many Folk Group Members learned their dancing skills at Folk Group Meets. We also dance and are happy to tutor clog, rapper and longsword.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Folk Group Areas organise lots of 'Special Events' Meets. Throughout the camping season there are Craft Meets, Boules Tournaments, Painting Meets, Grandchildren's Meet, Music Meets, Apple Tasting weekends.... and lots more.

HOLIDAY MEETS: In addition many of our Areas organise Holiday Meets. These provide not only the usual 'good value' inexpensive camping in an attractive area, but also 'Folk' activities as well.

WINTER: During the winter months Folk Group Members can socialise at Christmas parties, Dinner Dances, Winter Walks and other entertainment organised to 'keep in touch' and 'keep in tune'.

YOUTH SECTIONS: Some of our Areas have very active Youth Sections for our younger members (12-18 years or 21 if they have passed their CCY Test). Some Areas advertise 'special weekend' Youth activities. Our youth members are encouraged to enjoy our Folk activities, and are given the opportunity to take part in every way.

FESTIVALS: Are you a 'Festival Camper'? Many of our members attend or take part in Folk Festivals. Sometimes our Meets are arranged in order to take advantage of Folk Festivals in the area.

WALKS: Many Folk Group members are keen ramblers, and a weekend walk is often part of our weekend activities.

All of our activities are fully listed in our free Folk Group Newsletter supplied bi-monthly to members.

Why not come along to one of our Meets and try us out? Remember, if you are already a Camping Club member you can camp at any of our Meets, and if you're not yet a Camping Club member, visit their website - The Camping and Caravanning Club

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